this is us

we are a couple of hooligans who fell in love in Spring 2018. We are crazy in love and in love with what we do. we love to travel, enjoy a good movie, and an unconditional love for food. we are the most creative with couples who are madly in love like we are. we don’t take just take pretty pictures, we tell your story.

meet Alondra


Alondra was born in the small town of Yauco,Puerto Rico and was brought to Florida with her parents.

She loves exploring, watching the sunset, and the love of her life, Garrett.

Alondra started Alondra Vega Photography in 2017 to pursue her life passion into a career.

On a typical weekend, when she is not at weddings, you will find her cuddled up next to Garrett and her dog watching the Netflix show you see everyone rave about on Twitter. 

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Meet garrett


Garrett was born and raised in the sunshine state, in the not so small town of Jacksonville.

He loves working on his old cars (especially his 1931 Ford Model A), sailing across the rolling waves, and all things aviation.

On a typical weekend, he will be planning his and Alondra’s next adventure. 

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Wisconsin, usa : July 1-6

Bahamas : June 9-16

more coming soon